The brand "A Pummarulella" is a trademark registered in 2007 created and realized by an idea of ​​Marco Basile, a young Neapolitan entrepreneur.

'A Pummarulella, is a term coming from the Neapolitan jargon, whose etymology refers strictly to the small tomato (pomodorino / pummarulella) that grows on the slopes of Vesuvius, known throughout the world as the tomato (' A Pummarulella) of the piennolo (ie of the "pendulum").

The commercial activity was born in December 2007, trying from the beginning to provide customers with a fast, high quality service at affordable prices. The mission of this great family is dedicated to keeping up the concept of tradition of our land of belonging, Naples and Campania, synonyms of taste and tradition in culinary terms; and to export the culture of our Neapolitan cuisine throughout Italy and abroad. Our products are selected and processed by our Chefs and Master Pizzaioli to guarantee the excellence of the finished products, an impeccable corporate image is the success of the entire concept "A Pummarulella.

We have structured our premises in such a way as to offer the highest quality to our customers, thanks to our revolutionary thermal and hygienic containers, designed to transport pizza and many other products without changing their organoleptic characteristics.

Our restaurant room has been created down to the smallest detail to serve our many special pizzas, including the many other gastronomic products from Campania, such as: traditional first courses, prepared with great care and passion, first courses of first choice, first-cut meats surrounded by simple and genuine vegetables, always fresh and in season, buffalo mozzarella dop, sweet fruit and Neapolitan espresso coffee. In our restaurants we offer recipes forgotten by the Neapolitans, converted to the stressful rhythms of today's life, which suffocates the uses and customs of our tasty land.

Our Chefs and Master Pizzaioli are committed every day to offer a real Neapolitan fast food offering a menu full of genuine ingredients, combined in new ways without betraying the expectations of your palate. The environment of the restaurant recalls a rustic-modern style, designed to offer the best welcome and hospitality at all times of the day and above all for a short break.

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